Ambox warning pnWarning: If you have been redirected to this page from the Wikimedia's login screen, it means your account has been globally locked.

In most cases, accounts are globally locked if you break either the Wikimedia's rules or two or more of the site's rules. Your account has been not removed completely from Wikimedia, data from your account is still here, and it might be still possible to regain access to your account.

Why Wikimedia globally locks accountsEdit

Wikimedia wants to ensure everyone has a chance to be safe and keep it running, Wikimedia and it's sites has the right to:

  • Block a account or IP address from a site for a short time, or indefinitely.
  • Block a IP address globally or globally lock an account with or without notice.

What you can do nextEdit

Please read the rules from Wikimedia or one of the sites rules. If you think your Wikimedia account should not be locked, you can visit the following link:

An steward will then look at your request and decide whatever your account should be unlocked or not.